The Duel In Rhyme

(excited crowd)

Ballad au Duel at the Theatre de Burgoyne

between de Bergerac, and uh.....a barbarian.

What do you mean by that?

Oh, that?

The title.


Stop. Let me choose my rhyme.

So. Here we go.

Lightly I toss my hat away.

Languidly o'er my arm let fall

the cloak that covers my bright array.

Then, out swords,

and to work withal.

A Lancelot in his lady's hall,

A Spartacus at the Hippodrome,

I dally a while with you..

you jackall.

Just as I end the refrain,

thrust home!

Where shall I skewer my peacock again?

Nay, better for you to have shunned this brawl.

Here in the heart or your ribbons, gay,

in the belly 'neath you silken shawl?

Now, come my points floats, light as the foam

ready to drive you back to the wall,

and then as I end the refrain,

thrust home.

Oh, for a rhyme.

Why, your fight is fading.

You break.

You cower.

You cringe.

You crawl.

How can I tell you're allowed to say

something to turn on my head forestall.....

Life with a tunny

death with a scall.

Something to turn on my fancy roam,

free for a time till the rhyme's recall,

then as I end the refrain,

thrust home!



pray God that is Lord of all,

pardon you soul,

for your time has come.

Pass! I fling you aslant, asprawl.

Then as I end the refrain,

thrust home!

(shouts of hurray and congratulation)